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Continental Ranch Little League Return-To-Play Guidelines:

The plan provides guidelines but we cannot guarantee adherence by all participants at all times. Families should make their own choices on participation and the best interests of their family and players. The plan is focused on minimizing risk while still allowing for fun competition.

1.      Personal Safety and hygiene protocols:  

a.      If you are sick or feel sick, STAY HOME

b.      At risk individuals, youth or adult, STAY HOME

c.      Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as often as possible to minimize the spread of germs.

d.      It is recommended that teams assign a “station” for each player to place their equipment.

e.      It is recommended that each player must have their own equipment, if possible. 
Communal equipment can be used however, they should be disinfected before & after use. It is the responsibility of borrowing player to do so.  

f.      No centralized hydration or refreshment stations- each player should have their own water bottle

g.     It is recommended that Coaches and Umpires wear a mask when socially distancing is not possible. However, masks are NOT required. 

2.      Team Practices:

a.      Volunteers MUST have passed a background check issued by the league and are a verified volunteer

b.      It is recommended that players have a designated spot for their equipment and bags to maintain social distancing, when possible.

c.      Managers, coaches and players should practice social distancing.

3.      Scheduled games or scrimmages:

a.     Managers, coaches, umpires, players and approved volunteers are allowed on the field/dugout before, during and after games.

b.     Post-game snacks should be STORE BOUGHT and INDVIDUALLY PACKAGED (For example, No Orange Slices).

c.     It is recommended that players keep their equipment in their assigned area and practice social distancing when not on the field.

d.      Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use.


Parents should notify the league and their coach IMMEDIATELY if a player, their parent, or other family member tests positive for COVID-19.  A player, who tests positive for COVID-19 cannot return to the team until the parent contacts the league president and/or safety officer with a negative test result.

We appreciate your willingness to adhere to the above protocols. We look forward to a fun and safe season!

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